"You look happy?" -BF "Why wouldn't I be, I've got two guys draped all over me." - GZ

how to i delete this blog without like permanently deleting this blog

but that basically deletes this blog 

is this…. for me?

if you posted unsourced photos yes

i’m referring to this specific bullshit blog that keeps reuploading my photos

but do take that advice

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Alan Gordon terrifies me and he is so clutch i love that about him

Skin color shouldn't matter. Everyone is beautiful.




Y’all say stuff like this and I can pull up your blog and there are no black women.

You’ll come here and follow to only “like”, never to reblog, because you don’t want to give anyone the idea that you believe black women are attractive.

I can scroll past basic ass white girls on this website who have over 100,000 but look like uneatable protein and come back to my blog and see beautiful melanin with 1/10th of that….

But yea everyone’s beautiful as you say # privilege

Woooooooh fire in this post


*watching On the Run tour with Mom*

*Beyonce singing ***flawless* me: oh Mom, the last performance she did in Paris, she started doing the remix and… *Beyonce starts singing the remix* yeah! like that! and then she was like “oh i got something special for y’all” and then she brought out Nicki Minaj! *Beyonce brings out Nicki Minaj* me: WAIT A MINUTE *screams*

Are you ever going to finish the NWSL guides?

yes friend i’m doing the next one right now

school and life got in the way sorry

i divided the mls guides by East and West for people because that’s the kind of time i have on my hands rn

everyone take a quick look around your geographic location, find a team nearest to you (or one that piques your interests), and then learn a lil bit about them

ready GO!


New MLS Logo + Eastern Conference


when your favourite player leaves your favourite team and it’s like





What really irritates me is when commentators talk about Balotelli like he’s some sort of animal who has no self restraint. It’s like they want him to blow up. It’s disgusting.

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