"You look happy?" -BF "Why wouldn't I be, I've got two guys draped all over me." - GZ


We should have an FA Cup type tournament sometime this season. Or start a podcast.


Lol I'm just asking how you can know what she's like just based off seeing her in class? :)

I don’t just see her, I can hear and observe her. We haven’t had interaction yet, but she’s different on the internet vs the outernet

Just curious... How is this girl nothing like her blog portrays her?

exactly in that way? she’s nothing like how her blog portrays her?

Project Header

i love flickr i’m so glad i’m back on it, here’s the album for Project Header :3


[writes paper] this doesn’t make any sense [prints it] [doesn’t proof read] [hands it in for a grade]

It’s my opinion - we need it more in sports, in tennis. We need more entertainment  we need more personalities, more character. People wanna see not just you hitting the tennis ball on courts, they wanna get to know you…I think the stories individually - both men’s and women’s - how they grew up, how they developed into professional players, this is stuff that people wanna know. - Novak Djokovic

there’s a wildly over eager freshman in my polisci class and i want to lock her in a closet

What camera and what lenses do you use to shoot your photos?

I shoot with canon bodies and have a butt load of lenses, homie

fun fact: i have two tumblrs

and there’s a girl i mutually follow on my other blog in my polisci class and i know this because she posts thousands of selfies and probs doesn’t recognize me because i rarely post selfies there

the point is: she’s nothing like her blog and i find it amusing

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