"You look happy?" -BF "Why wouldn't I be, I've got two guys draped all over me." - GZ
Omg I’ll queue all of them when I get home

it’s so great that you’re a preschool teacher, especially dealing with me since i am a CHILD

*challenges rnadrid to an arm wrestling competition that i’ve already started*

game isn’t over until you rebloob my mlsguides remember when you were going to do that now

i’m currently beating you like 100 wins to 0


*sees a cute boy* *checks to see what kind of shoes he is wearing*

can we all come together on the fact that firefighters are truly amazing

did you know that if you need a new fire detector, you just contact your fire station’s non-emergency line and they’ll give you one for free AND install it for you

did you also know that if you’re in like a health emergency (i.e. someone passed out, someone is hurt, etc.) you shouldn’t just call 911, you should call your firefighter’s first responder team bc they deploy quicker than the police, and it skips the middleman bc all the police are going to do, is dispatch the first responders after you call them

i love firefighters


*slams hands down on table*

is Chris Pontius HEALTHY YET

*flips table*

my reaction to every football game



Wednesday, August 20, 2014


i never see pictures of katy perry on my dash and i just wanna thank yall


"the beatles were the best band to ever live" 

lol …. ok….the jonas brothers though? 

i can’t wait for when Yedlin gets to Tottenham and they see how 50/50 he is on defense

EPL strikers will goose him and since it’s sp*rs i’m excited

rich people wear the ugliest stuff sometimes

like use some of that money and buy better judgement



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